Ben’s Trio Does it Anyway

Ben Folds is probably a musician you’ve heard of, whether you know it or not. If you’re familiar with his music then you already know his previous hits such as “Rockin’ The Suburbs” and “Brick.” If you’re not a fan you might have heard him singing the soundtrack to the animated Dreamworks film, “Over the Hedge.” Now it’s starting to sound familiar.
Folds is a musical genius, known for his catchy blues piano playing and well-ranged vocals on every song. Although he records his own music, one of his biggest projects was Ben Folds Five, composed of Robert Sledge on bass and backing vocals, Darren Jessee on percussion and co-author of some songs, and front man Folds on the piano.
The group has always been a trio, and Folds explained that “I think (Ben Folds Five) sounds better than Ben Folds Three.”
Before their breakup in 2000, their last album was “The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner,” which was released in 1999. The trio was reunited in 2011 to record singles for Folds’ retrospective greatest hits album.
Things began to click, and in the following months of January and February 2012 they recorded the first new Ben Folds Five album in 12 years.
If you’ve listened to them before then continue to expect humorous, catchy, loud, driving tunes as per usual of the trio with the songs “Do It Anyway,” “Draw A Crowd,” and “Erase Me,” the first single of the album. If you’re awaiting the return of slow, moving songs such as “Brick” then look no further than the track “Thank You For Breaking My Heart.”
The styling and tone of Ben Folds Five continues to be that of professional grade musicians executing expertly the songs and melodies that will leave a mark on listeners across the charts.