Students Excel at Math Relays

IHS brings home medals from math & other academic competitions

The annual Allen Community College Red Devils Math Invitational Relay is a day of events that consists of tests ranging from math trivia and potpourri to computational math and calculator relays. Usually taking place sometime in March, this year’s event happened to coincide with Pi Day on the 14th.
Senoir Abbey StClair said that she “enjoyed the math, and though it was nerveracking, I was proud of myself and my algebra relay team.”
The events are open to any students from grade nine to 12 and are scored according to level. Although students may compete at a higher grade level, they may not compete in lower-grade events. Many different schools in the area competed in the relay. The sponsor for the IHS team is math teacher Dianne Kauth.
Freshman Abigail Taylor pointed out that is was “fun to compete with math instead of sports.”
Following are the results from the event grouped by place earned. Some students may have received more than one medal in each placing.
First-place rankings: Jason Tidd, Sarah Gonzalez, Cris Harris, Jonathan Tidd, Garrett Prall and Clara Wicoff.
Second-place rankings: Eric Heffern, Trevor Kress, Wyatt Prall, Abbey StClair, Katie Thompson, Jason Tidd, Sarah Gonzalez, Tyler Holloway, Alexis Hobbs, Adam Kauth, Ricky Michael, Michael Wilson, Taylor Heslop, Allyson Hobbs, Abigail Taylor and Clara Wicoff.
Third-place rankings: Jordan Strickler, Caitlyn Callaway, Chanel Coyne, Caine Duran, Eli Grover, Wyatt Prall, Austin Ryan, Abbey StClair, Sarah Gonzalez, Lexi Long, Kaleena Smith, Katie Terhune, Garrett Prall, Adam Kauth and Clara Wicoff.
Fourth-place rankings: Caitlyn Callaway, Mason Coons, Eli Grover, Austin Ryan, Abbey StClair, Drake Dieker, Lexi Long, Kaden Macha, Emma Piazza, Kaleena Smith, Jonathan Tidd, Shane Walden, Jo Lohman, Hannah Endicott, Katie Kelly, Ricky Michael, Bryce Misenhelter, Quinton Morrison, Michael Wilson, Taylor Heslop and Abigail Taylor.
Fifth-place rankings: Lexi Long, Kaden Macha, Adam Peterson, Emma Piazza, Alexis Hobbs and Tyler McIntosh.