Getting Practical & Creative

1. Elevate a laptop so there is space beneath the fan in order to improve speed and function.
2. Use a hair clip to keep headphone cords from tangling up.
3. Put important documents in a plastic zip-top bag with a sheet of cardboard to keep them from folding.
4. Chew gum while cutting onions to stop watery eyes.
5. Bend a Post-It note to catch falling dust when drilling.
6. Clip coupons. The savings really do ad up.
7. Ask English teachers to review essays for job or college applications.
8. Make some extra dough by selling obscure CDs that have already been put on your iPod to pawn shops or music stores.
9. Leave a lunchbox in the refrigerator to keep drinks cold longer when you take it with you.
10. Go see a movie before 5 p.m. to take advantage of the matinee discount.