Rockin’ Into The Christmas Spirit


Fearless Records recently released a new addition to its “Punk Goes” series that is perfect for the holiday season.
The album features a variety of artists who have put their own musical marks on some classic and original songs.
Take, for instance, The Summer Set, which covers a holly and jolly rendition of “This Christmas,” which was originally performed by Donny Hathaway. Many of the original songs on the disc are loving and caring, including “All I Can Give You,” by Go Radio’s Jason Lancaster, who croons that “all I can give to you this Christmas is this song and my love.”
Some of the songs can also be a bit gloomy in a way, such as “There Will Be No Christmas” by Crown the Empire. This song describes a bitter break-up that leads to a lonely holiday. But in the end, they still “wish you a Happy Holiday.”
Others gems on the album have more of a “Grinchy” style, such as the original song “This Christmas Day (I’ll Burn It to the Ground),” performed by Set It Off. This has a more intense and sinister sound.
In the end, no matter what your personal musical preferences, however, this album has something for everyone to enjoy.