The Hacks Of Life

Solving winter woes

If you want cold drinks during winter, keep drinks in your car. Then you have room in your fridge for food.
Eat whole grains to stimulate blood flow to help you feel warmer in the winter.
Have cold ears and your ear muffs aren’t getting the job done? The solution is easy, hot hands! Simply take a package of hot hands and tape one to each of the ear muffs. This way your ears will always be warm! This could also be used in gloves, shoes or just about anything!
For anyone with a rear-wheel drive car, especially those of us with trucks, this will help with winter woes. In addition to good winter tires (which everyone should have, since all season tires suck), a large sand bag in your truck bed can help you from winter woes. This keeps a lot of weight on the back wheels, where the power comes from. You don’t necessarily have to have a big ol’ bag of sand in the trunk. If you put any kind of weight in the trunk or the bed, the same effect will be achieved. Doing this is an excellent way to get out of a sticky, or rather slippery, situation.
Even though hot showers feel like the most relieving showers in cold weather, taking cold showers actually benefits your body heat more due to blood flow. The best way to achieve using cold showers without going into shock, start with a hot shower and gradually progress towards cold showers. This would not shock your body, would cut down on the expenses of heating the water, and most importantly keep you warm.