All-American family gone bad

“The Family,” now out on DVD, is a hilariously entertaining story about a not-so-typical American family, based on the novel by Tonino Benacquista.
The story takes place in Normandy, France, where the Blake family was recently relocated. The Blakes, originally from Brooklyn, are part of the witness protection program due to the fact that dad — Fred Blake (aka Giovanni Manzoni), played by Robert De Niro — is running from his old life as a mob boss.
The family has to try to fit into the unfamiliar European culture, while at the same time staying out of the sights of the head mobster who is not very far behind them. The family has a particularly hard time fitting in due to their short tempers and violent behavior. Anyone would be violent, though, if they grew up with mob boss dad and a mom like Maggie Blake (Michelle Pfeiffer), who is tough as nails.
Maggie and Fred have two feisty children to look after who take after their parents in the way that they are anything but normal. Belle Blake (Dianna Agron) just like any other teenage girl is having boy troubles, she just chooses to deal with them a little differently than most. Belle is very close with her brother, Warren blake who is played by John D’Leo who seems to be following closely in his fathers footsteps.
“The Family” is a comical movie for any movie night with a group of friends and some popcorn.