Finals time demands real focus

It’s that time again. With finals and the end of the school year approaching, here are some tips for getting through it all.
Having trouble focusing? Grab a bag of gummy bears and your study material. Place one gummy bear at the end of each paragraph or section that you are reading. Read until you get to the next gummy bear and then enjoy the fruity snack. This will keep your mind engaged and you’ll get to enjoy a tasty treat.
Caffeine can be your best friend for late-night study sessions and help keep you focused during a test.
Actual studying is essential. To maximize memorization, cram for a few minutes right before bed. Learning information right before entering the sleep cycle helps engrave the information into your mind. Then, quickly review before heading to school.
Some students choose to study only the day before the test to make sure they retain the information. Studying the day before is good, but you should study at least some every single day. Studying all of a course’s material in one day could easily overwhelm anybody. Studying a bit every day will keep you relaxed and confident.
Eliminate all distractions. No television, computer, music (unless that helps you concentrate) or social media. Focus on what you have to do. Have some good brain food, such as almonds.
If you have trouble paying attention like many of us, try taking five-minute breaks every 20 minutes to keep yourself from being bored out of your mind.