Not-so-well-known band has hidden talent


Most people have probably never heard of the band Sun Culture. I had never even heard of them until I discovered them on noisetrade. I fell in love with them immediately. This indie/alternative rock band quickly found its way into my heart, and into my playlist.
The Nashville based band has yet to take off. Once they really get discovered I imagine they will explode. They have everything an alternative music lover wants. Their album “Sun Culture” has more happy, uplifting songs rather than sad, dreary songs. It only has eight tracks, but every song is absolutely beautiful.
The songs that stood out to me the most on the album are “Sea Salt” and “God Only Knows”. Both of these songs are some of the more upbeat songs on the album. It was hard to choose ones I liked in particular though, just because I like all of them a lot.
I am so ecstatic to have found this gem. Word isn’t out about their next album release, but I am excited for it. If you are searching for something new, this band is definitely worth checking out. Their album “Sun Culture” is free on noisetrade right now, so grab it while it’s there!