‘Moonrise Kingdom’ provides look at young love

By Katie Bauer

Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom” is a cute, quirky look at young love. With an all-star cast, combined with bright young actors, it’s hard not to fall for this eccentric flick. “Moonrise Kingdom” takes you through the minds of two troubled 12-year-olds. Sam is a friendless Boy Scout with no family who runs (or canoes) away from his campsite at the start of the film. He flees to meet the girl of his dreams, Suzy, so they can mask themselves away from the world around them.

Suzy is faced with problems of her own. At a young age, Suzy must manage depression, heightened by cheating parents, and a lack of friends.

Anderson’s unordinary touches give the movie a pleasantly interesting spin. Bruce Willis takes on a different type of role, apart from his typical action movie. Jason Schwartzman, Edward Norton and Bill Murray also make appearances.

“Moonrise Kingdom” is a very smart, humorous and colorful film. If you like movies that are easy to watch and make you think, this tale is for you.