‘Fox’ series is page-turner

By Persephone Means, Staff Writer

“The Jenna Fox Chronicles,” a new series by Mary E. Pearson, weaves a tale of medical and bioethics. Lovable, in-depth characters and questions of morality, mortality, and acceptance that lead to fast paced plots that build.

Adoration Of Jenna Fox PM

This series is about Jenna Fox and her friends, Locke and Kara, who get in a fatal crash.

In the first book, “The Adoration of Jenna Fox,” Jenna is saved by her father with a new creation called BioGel and 10 percent of her own body that is left. Her friends’ memories are saved in 6-inch cubes and are forgotten about for 260 years.

In the second book, “The Fox Inheritance,” Locke and Kara wake up, and discover that a similar event has happened to them. They are completely constructed of BioPerfect, created by a madman named Dr. Gatsbro.

After a year of getting used to things, Kara tries to escape with Locke after they realize they are considered products. They make their way to California to find Jenna Fox, promising a few people Favors for helping. They meet up after a few weeks of running from Gatsbro.

Tensions arise between Jenna, Locke, and Kara as they all realize they are nothing like they use to be.

In the third book, “Fox Forever,” Locke must find himself and return his Favor. Flying back to Boston, he engages in a life-risking job. In his attempts to stay on the track of the mission, he hurts the girl he falls in love with and finds out how to balance justice and determination.

In this series, you grow close to each well-written character. With thrills around every corner, lines that pull at your heartstrings, and visualizations of a more dangerously high-tech world, you won’t be able to put it down.

This series is one of the newest series in Iola High School’s library.