Way’s roots show in debut album

By Brynna Hollins, Staff Writer

Former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has come a long way since the band’s departure in 2013. His debut solo album “Hesitant Alien” — which some are describing as pulp, Brit-pop or indie rock — incorporates several different styles of music in every song.

The first single released off the album, “No Shows,” can be described as a cross between indie and alternative rock. The influence of the 1980s, however, is obvious in the music video.

Take the song “Brother,” which some believe is an ode to his little brother and former MCR bandmate, Mikey Way. He expresses in the lines: “Remember when you and I would make things up? So many nights, just take me down to the place we would hear them play.”

Other songs have a slower, more soft-rock vibe. He goes on to lament how he “misses that sound.”

Some other songs, like “Juarez” and “Maya the Psychic,” in a way take you back to Way’s MCR days, with a post-hardcore, alternative rock sound. It is believed that the song “Maya the Psychic” was written about Francis Cobain, (daughter of Kurt Cobain), with whom Gerard Way is good friends.

In the end, this solo record has many twist and turns that in a way can make listeners feel as if My Chemical Romance never really left.


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