Swift goes back to the beginning with ‘1989’


Taylor Swift has officially transitioned from country to pop with the release of “1989.”

Her album lept to the top of the charts in only nine weeks. It was the best-selling album for 2014, racing in front of Frozen and the last sales week, something that has only happened 20 years previous in 1994.

“1989” is full of what Swift has said expresses the real her, what she feels and how she feels it, seeing as it was her birth year.

Taylor Swift performs at the iHeart Radio Music Festival last September.
Taylor Swift performs at the iHeart Radio Music Festival last September.

“Black Space” is her self-depiction relating to everyone’s thoughts of her romantic life. It goes through the emotions of when a relationship ends, and states that shes “ a nightmare dressed like a daydream” and that even though she has a long list of ex lovers, she still has blank space and will write a name.

“Out of the Woods” is a story of love, and overcoming obstacles and rough patches in relationships. Going through doubts and mistakes is a common thing that everyone thinks, and everyone is asking “ Are we out of the woods? Are we in the clear yet?”

“Wildest Dreams” gives the feeling of nostalgia, and remembering past lovers, and wanting to leave them with good memories. Not all relationships have to end badly, and you can still be happy from things that happened during that relationship, that you still dream about even.

“I know places” tells all of the tale old tales in one, whether it be forbidden love or people jealous of your significant other. People always watching and sometimes you need some time to be just with each other.