Suggested Downloading

Valaree Burtnett

Want some light entertainment or new smart tool? We offer up these free apps for your consideration.

Trivia Crack
Review: A fun addictive trivia game that you can choose to play with friends or random opponents. The questions are split into six categories science, entertainment, history, geography, sports and art. The questions vary in difficulty and you can track your progress through the app.
Rating: 4½

Review: This is a quick and easy photo editing app that will leave your photos looking amazing. In this app you can apply many different color filters, cute stickers, bold text and fancy borders. Aviary photo editing is user friendly and fun to use.
Rating: 4

Review: A fun and addictive twist on the classic game Tetris. The game is a 10×10 square where you place shapes until you can no longer place the given blocks. This game will have you frustrated but you will not be able to put it down.
Rating: 4½

Review: SmartNews is an easy and modern way to get your news. What kind of news, you may ask; well, that’s all up to you. SmartNews has many categories of news that you can choose from to personalize your news. The categories range from entertainment news to U.S. government news.
Rating: 4