Fun facts, tower defense and musical gifts


By Brock Ver Hoeven, Staff Writer

Magic Piano
Review: This app imitates a piano that plays songs that you like. You can change how the piano sounds and level up to gain more points and buy even more songs. There are three levels of difficulty; easy, medium and hard. Easy incorporates the tapping of 1-2 fingers, medium is 1-3 fingers, and finally hard is 1-4 fingers. This game is an easy laid back game, perfect to pass the time while waiting on anything.
Rating: 4/5

Castle Doombad:
Free to Slay
Review: This game is a tower defense game. You are the minion to sinister Dr. Lord Evilstein, and are tasked with booby-trapping the tower from forthcoming heros who wish to save their princess in distress. You can customize your diabolical plan many different ways with just as equally different booby traps, but be weary. Stronger (not to mention smarter) heroes will try to save your princess. (How dare they!) Send all of them crying to their mommas and keep the princess safely in your clutches.
Rating: 5/5

Sing! Karaoke
Review: Remember Magic Piano? This is its equally awesome younger sibling. This app lets you sing your favorites songs, whether they be classics or what’s in right now. The app will show you the words and you have to match your voice with the tone bar on the screen. If you want, then you can also have magic piano assist you with the background music, you can select the song you want if you have played it previously on your account, or have it choose any ones version at random, from anywhere around the world.
Rating : 3/5

Review: We all love those seemingly useless facts. Well with UberFacts you can get that facts on a plethora of things. With many different categories that are easily accessible you can see random facts on nearly anything. It awesome for just sitting around and reading while waiting for your friend, or family.
Rating : 5/5