Can you hear their whispers among us?

BOOK REVIEW ‘Splintered’ series keeps readers on toes with twists & turns

By Anna Thyer, Staff Writer

The “Splintered” series by A.G. Howard was first published about a year ago. But with the arrival of the third book, “Ensnared,” the series has become even more intriguing with its twisted plots.

The first book, “Splintered,” is about a girl named Alyssa Gardner, who begins hearing the whispers of insects and flowers. She begins to think she’s going crazy —j ust like her mother did. The curse of her family began back to her ancestor, Alice Liddell. When Alyssa goes to visit her mother, what seems to be a friendly visit turns out all wrong. Alyssa begins to realize that some fairy tales can turn into frightening reality.

The real Wonderland is much disturbing than it ever seemed to be. Alyssa, along with her best friend and crush, Jeb, enters the twisted world of Wonderland, where she has to pass a series of tests to survive to fix Alice’s mistakes from the past.

These series of tests include draining an ocean of tears, waking the tea party, and defeat a bandersnatch. But who will she trust: Jeb, her best friend and crush, or Morpheus, her attractive, but mysterious guide through Wonderland?

The novella, “The Moth in the Mirror,” is told in the point of views of Jeb and Morpheus. Morpheus is suspicious about his love rival, so he begins digging into the past. He’s surprised from what he finds in Jeb’s memories.

In the second book, “Unhinged,” after defeating the bandersnatch, she is crowned the Red Queen. She saves Jeb, the boy she’s in love with, and escapes Morpheus’ scheme. The only thing she has left to do is graduate high school, but with her mother finally being released from a mental hospital and Morpheus showing up whenever he pleased, it makes graduating a whole lot harder.

Now with Morpheus trying to convince her to come back with him to Wonderland, can she make the right decision? Or just the opposite?

The series continues with “Ensnared,” which was published this past January.

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