Iola High School regiment’s 2015 production: “Nerds vs Idiots”

Chris McCormack, Staff Writer

Nerds vs. Idiots. A fight of two differing social structures. This century-old debate has been fervidly argued back and forth. But, did you know that it’s also the title of a production led by the Iola High School Mustang Regiment?

The Iola High School Marching Regiment plans to perform this halftime show at the Baldwin band competition this coming Wednesday, and at Neewollah next month.

The name is derived from the Aristotelian definition of both. On top of this, the show is themed on the instrument shift of those in the band. If you shift from a woodwind or another brass instrument into a brass instrument, you are considered an “idiot.” The rest are considered “nerds.”

The “nerds” play a feature of their own; the “idiots” also play one of their own. The “nerds” march poorly intentionally, while the “idiots” do opposite. This is reminiscent of their playing, but in reverse. That is the basis for the show, including a ballad, percussion feature, opener and closer.

Jackson Cone, a member of the regiment, says, “I personally believe the show’s title is derogatory. The show itself, however, is fine.” However, Yohon favors the opposite, “I don’t believe the show’s title should offend the band members.”

Lots of time and effort is put into each show. On a regular basis, the band practices in the morning from seven to eight, which has brought upon it the moniker of “early morning practice.” Yohon Sinclair, drum major, recounts, “We often rehearse three to four times a week. Usually these last about one to two hours.”

Despite the difficulties of practice, most of the regiment seemingly corroborates positivity. “No matter how much time we put in, the reward is always worth it,” Yohon believes. Jackson also agrees, “It requires quite a bit of work, but the ends are well worth the means.”