App Review

Alyssa White, Staff Writer

Swipe Me Out
•Review: A challenging, yet fun game in which you’re trying to escape the cheese filling the sewers through continuous tunnels of streams, spikes, and even fireballs. Just swipe the screen towards the blue light, and make your way as the cheese fills up faster. This game really makes you think, and slight coordination is required. Rate: 

•Review: If you like riddles, check out the game RiddleMeThat. It’s a fun, yet educational game about solving the simplest, yet most complex rhymes and riddles. With 220 riddles, 60 rhymes, and 60 one-liners, this game is sure to keep you entertained. Rate: 

Pac-Man 256
•Review: If you enjoy classic older games on newer hand-held devices, Pac-Man 256 is the game for you. Run from “ghosts” and try to collect as many credits, coins, power ups, and food as you can. Rate: 

•Review: Do you enjoy virtual games? What about trading, buying, and selling virtual items to gain more? Woozworld is a virtual world full of teens that love meeting new people and listening to your stories. It also teaches valuable skills and new ways to get and maintain success. Rate: 