In the background: Sweet Ascent

Tori Bland, Staff Writer

Everyone has their own musical preference. Though, not many people realize the importance of supporting local music.
“Everyone has to start somewhere,” said musician Jordan Rebman. “I am a believer in supporting GOOD music, no matter the size. Find what you love and support it, local or national.”
Lead singer Rebman and his bandmates, Bobby Louden and Jake Dorn make up the band by the name of Sweet Ascent.
The groups hails from Lawrence, Kansas and have played a few shows in Iola, in the past few years. The boys have a tour lined up in the works, as well.
“Sweet Ascent is a family. Not just the bandmates, everybody,” said lead guitarist Bobby Louden. “I’ve met such incredible people through this band. I’ve met people that would feed you and clothe you without ever expecting anything. I know of multiple friendships started from meeting at our shows and I think really what we try to emphasize is that people matter.”
Music seems to be a common ground. It’s something that everyone likes and everyone can connect with.
“I was a little kid when I first started playing guitars,” said Louden. “I was writing songs when I was in probably fourth grade. I used to have a red velvet book with lyrics in it for songs and song ideas I had. I believe I still have it,” added Louden. “I’m sure it’ll be a trip down memory lane if I ever find it.”
For some, music is more than just entertainment. It’s a passion. It’s a lifestyle.
“Sweet Ascent is my failure, my pride, my ego, my faults, and my success on display,” said Rebman. “Sweet Ascent is family. Sweet Ascent is Bobby Louden. Sweet Ascent is Jake Dorn. Sweet Ascent is Jordan Rebman. The people who support us are much more “Sweet Ascent” than we are. As long as people want to listen we’ll keep writing and running around like morons on stage, simple as that.”