Telltale Games produces new way of experiencing Minecraft

Jackson Cone, Staff Writer

Minecraft: an enchanting series of survival and crafting. Third best seller since the beginning of video games with over 70 million copies sold since 2009. This famous game now boasts a new branch of it called Minecraft: Story Mode.
Telltale Games has worked on this project for nearly two years. While most of the Internet is skeptical about this, if done right, this game could end up being very popular and a big success. Telltale Games, in accordance to their name, creates video games with a plot and intricate story.
In the game, the main character, Jesse, can be a boy or girl, depending on your choice. Jesse’s friends, Olivia and Axel, along with their pet pig, Reuben, go to a building competition. During their stay, they meet two friends named Lukas and Petra. When they finish building, some lava is let loose and Reuben is caught on fire, causing him to run away. I won’t share anymore because I know some of you will want to play it yourselves.
While the story is good, some of the gameplay doesn’t keep up. The game is mostly click and point style with many quick time events. This style of gaming causes a lot of debate because of the repeated spontaneous clicking, and many gamers say that it doesn’t feel like it takes any skill to play. The controls are a little clunky and irritating to use at first, pushing you away from it at the start. After a while, you get used to it and start to get a hold of them. Once you get past those, the game becomes pretty enjoyable. The game is a bit quirky, with some humor thrown in, making a well blended game that really hits the spot.