“Support The Dream!”

Tori Bland, Editor

The significance of local music is something that many people tend to overlook. Every band, singer, group, or musician you listen to started out local. Music has a way of connecting with people in a way that nothing else can. Your favorite band/musician is your favorite for a reason. Something about their craft resonates with you. Imagine a world without your favorite band. Think about how different your life would be if you never heard your favorite song. That’s exactly what happens when local talent gets glossed over.  

“People often overlook local scenes and that’s unfortunate,” said musician Christian Nichols. “When you get involved with your local scene, you shake hands and have real conversations with people that pour a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into their craft. Music is no longer just this thing that you hear, and the musicians aren’t untouchable like some big superstar at a packed-out, huge arena. Music becomes this thing that you are and can see… it really is this cool camaraderie where you make memories and friends. My favorite shows are twenty people packed in a living room and screaming lyrics back out you. With our music being so personal, it goes to show that a lot of people feel just like we do and the music becomes this medium to new relationships,” added Nichols.

Bass player Christian Nichols, drummer Lennon Nichols, lead singer Zach Busby, and lead guitar Corey Keller are a new-age space punk band, A Cold Trip Nowhere. ACTN resides in Chanute, KS. (So there’s no excuse to not at least check them out.)

Everyone started as a local artist,” said Busby. “That big band you see headlining Warped, started out playing birthday parties, school talent shows, maybe busking on the corner. Support local music,” added Busby. “Support the dream!”

Many people have a collection of misconceptions when it comes to musicians. Convincing others to take the dream seriously is challenging.
“I feel like logistically having a backup plan is a smart thing to do,” said Lennon Nichols. “But, at the same time I feel like having a “backup plan” sets you up for failure. Because it’s making failure a possibility in your head.”

You can follow A Cold Trip Nowhere on Twitter @ACTNowhere and like them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ACTN.NASP/