Deadpool: Breaking more than the fourth wall

Tori Bland, Staff Writer

The cinematic adaptation of the comic anti-hero Deadpool has now become the most popular rated-R character of all time.

Deadpool earned $490 million in the first two weeks it was released. The film earned $132 million on opening weekend. This makes Deadpool the highest grossing rated-R film of all time. It is now also the highest grossing rated-R comic book movie of all time. Deadpool took the rated-R comic book movie throne from Wanted in just four days. It is also the biggest Fox debut ever.

Ryan Reynolds, actor of the character Deadpool, broke almost as many records as he did fourth walls.

But why so much success? Deadpool is not your typical superhero because he isn’t a hero at all. Deadpool is unique in ways that others aren’t. He breaks the fourth wall. He has a potty mouth. He definitely isn’t for children.

Deadpool is so different from anything Marvel has created. This is why the fans love him. The comics are something that the fans have held dear for years. The movie definitely did the comics justice. It was everything you would expect Deadpool to be: vulgar, violent, and hilarious.

It gives off a more light-hearted feel than most Marvel films. In the midst of the hype for the oh-so-serious Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Age of Apocalypse, Deadpool is the much needed comic relief.