Local Artist: Ivy’s creative pass time


Tori Danford, Staff Writer

Senior Dillon Ivy is a DJ/Mixtape expert. He started creating mixtapes in March of 2014.  He can tell you all about what he does. “First I update my library. Then, it goes to the practice mix. Lastly, I make the songs fade over to make it sound better,” said Ivy. Ivy has DJ’d many places, including the Sadie Hawkins dance last year with last year’s senior, Michael Wilson.

He mostly works alone, and on occasion, would work with Wilson. “He has an amazing sound system,” said Ivy.

Ivy has his own style of music. It’s called “Hybrid Trap.”  He describes his music as “rap beats with dubstep sounds.” If he could name his own genre of music, it would be “Ivy Trap.”

To complete a 28 minute long mixtape, it takes Ivy about two dedicated hours of work. Ivy enjoys DJ’ing, but it’s just a hobby, not a career plan. If you want to hear some of Ivy’s music, look him up on SoundCloud.com/Di56789.

Ivy is not planning on going to college for DJ’ing. “I would like to go to college for Criminal Justice for a career,” said Ivy. He will be going to Allen County College for two years, and then to either Washburn University or Wichita State University.