Tori Bland, Staff Writer

Preface: I wrote this poem in my creative writing class. We were assigned to write a political poem about anything in society that we feel is an issue. At first, I was unsure how I was going to form my very strong opinions into a poem. I wrote the first line. I repeated it over in my mind and I became angry. All my frustration on the topic came flooding out. I’m aware that some might find a few things in this poem rather shocking. The use of the word “slut,” for example. I used this word because there is no point in censoring it. Girls have been struck with this word many times. It’s nothing we’re not use it. Another word that some people might find offensive is “dyke.” I chose this word because I am far too familiar with word. Since coming out as bi-sexual, I’ve been called way worse. This piece comes from both personal experiences and things I see everyday. This is what it’s like for me to be a girl.


They tell us that we can’t  because of what we have in our pants.

We’re told that our modesty earns respect and that we shouldn’t second guess.

Be kind, be conservative, be caring, don’t speak out.  

It’s your body, but, sweetie,  you’re a slut if you put out.

You’re being really rude, are you on your period?

Do you need a tampon or a pad that are taxed by republicans?

Don’t cut your hair, you don’t want to look like a dyke.

Don’t wear so much makeup, do what men like.

You’ll earn more respect if you cover up your chest.

Don’t disagree with your husband, don’t you know he knows best?

Are you just trying to get attention?

Are you sure you didn’t like it?

What were you wearing, were you drunk, did you even try to fight it?

Did you try saying ‘no’?

Did you try to run and go?

Maybe if you were stronger, you could have fought back.

But, you’re just a woman, so I’ll cut you some slack.