What’s your favorite? A sports survey


Karima Hall

Freshmen Keian Zimmerman drives the ball down the court at practice.

Melany Dean, Staff Writer

A survey was sent out asking the students what their favorite sports were. The most popular sport out of the 77 responses was basketball with 35%. Second place was a tie between football and tennis. Third place went to baseball. In fourth place was softball. Last, but not least, was volleyball.

Speaking of basketball, this year there were 31 Mustangs and 27 Fillies on the basketball rosters. This year, the Fillies played 22 games and won nine, and the Mustangs played 21 games and won nine. Basketball has been around for awhile as the first professional basketball league was made in 1898, but only lasted five years. The NBA, which started out as the BAA, started in 1946, 70 years ago.

Another question that was asked in the survey was, “If IHS could have a new sport, what would you want?” The most popular response for this question was soccer, with 18 votes. The second most wanted sport from the responders was lacrosse with six votes, and the third was (field) hockey with four votes. Martin Bambick, the IHS athletic director, says, “It’s possible but it’s not a guarantee. Nothing is a guarantee with the budget situation.”

IHS does not offer soccer, but there is a travel team in Iola called Ambush, or the Iola Soccer Club. The president of this club, Jeff Gardner, said that there are, “68 players in the club.” Only 11 of those players are high school level, and eight of them are from IHS. Ambush has already started their season as of April 8. Gardner states, “We will play 9 games … against teams from Lawrence, Manhattan, Eudora, and Salina.”