When I thought of tomorrow,
But in the fact that it was clanging.
I was a first light, you were midnight.
Waiting and waiting for my twilight.


I have dreamed of the stars.
Somewhat louder than the cars,
And amid the dark, said “mind the scars.”


The moment my soul grew pitch-black,
I discovered the starlets.
I was a sunrise, thought a new start.
Words that spoke to my heart.
Shot back into my memories, stalling.
But the skies never pausing.


I crave the nighttime, nocturnal night blindness.
Somewhat louder than kindness.
I discovered glares, flares, and stares.


Deep into that darkness that’s masking.
Creeping in without asking.


Deeper into the darkness starting.
The blackness never parting.
I crave the midnight sun, no other one.
But in the fact that it was whispering.
I discovered the darker abyss.


Deep into the darkness dawning.
Still, still is wanting.
All my soul within me darting,
Comes the sun parting.


The future sun smiles,
head faintly, but yet for miles.
Softly heard, “tomorrow.”