IHS explores the military past of faculty

Caleigh Porter, Guest Writer

We should be thankful for our veterans and their service. It’s not easy to leave your loved ones behind, even though they are being sent off to protect and serve. As I interviewed two veterans that work at IHS, they shared their thoughts about being in service.

Shauna Bernsten is a para at IHS who served in the army. When asked what made her want to join the military, she said that it was her whole family has served and so she wanted to as well. “It was tough being away from my family,” says Bernsten. “It was tough being away from my family,” The day she got the call telling her to report was on a Saturday at 5 a.m., telling her she had to report to base the next Monday’s morning. She was activated on February 14, 2003. She landed in Iraq in May of 2003. Bernsten is now out of the army and she says now that she has kids, she would rather be here for them.

Another veteran is faculty member, and head of USD 257 food service, Brian Donovan. Donovan served in the marine corps. When asked why he liked being in the military, he replied, “I liked how they worked together in a team and nothing was ‘me, me, me’ or ‘I, I, I.’ You would never find that in the service.” Donovan says, “They told me that you can train to survive but you can’t train to die.” Donovan retired out of the military after serving 10 years, from November 1986 to 1996.

We, as students, must remember these soldiers. If they hadn’t done what they did, we would not be free. Remember to thank a veteran today.