Band teacher resigns after five years


Allie Utley

Matt Kleopfer regards the crowd at the winter band concert. Kleopfer has decided to resign for personal reasons.

Sierra Snavely, Staff Writer

After working in the USD 257 school district for five years, Matt Kleopfer [Iola High school and Middle School band teacher] has resigned. This has put quite a few people in shock.

“Next year, regarding a job, I plan to homestead. In a few years, I want to be self-sufficient from a food standpoint. I want to grow all the food my family eats,” says Kleopfer. He and his wife, Jenessa, have three children and one on the way. “Right now, my kids are starting to learn the basics of life and I want to be there to help them and watch them grow.”

“My number one concern is to be at home with my kids and work on permaculture. Right now, demands on public school teachers with huge class sizes require so much extra time. I would like to be able to work with my own kids,” says Kleopfer. His kids are all under the age of four. Kleopfer adds, “The role of having a dad around is important to all kids. I am just too busy, but I have a passion for working with kids and music. Kids have to have the desire to learn and want to get better.”

As of right now, the band teacher position is open for the high school and middle school.