Council discusses discipline system

Points system could be in place for next year

The Iola High School Site Council met for the final time this year last month, and a new points-based school discipline was proposed for the 2013-2014 school year.
The system would be for disruptive students who are constantly sent to the office and returned with few long-term consequences. Students would be made aware of what standing they are in with the administration and would face more direct repercussions as a result of inappropriate actions and behavior.
Every student would start the year with zero points. Much like in golf, each student would want as few points as possible, and preferably none. Once a student reaches a certain number of points, he or she will be restricted from participating in school activities, such as attending dances, taking part in sporting events and joining in other extracurricular activities. The highest number of points that could be reached is 15, which would result in expulsion or a long-term suspension.
This system is not yet in effect, but if approved would start at the beginning of the next school year.