StuCo has a new slate

The students have voted, and their voices have been heard. The results of the Student Council elections for 2013- 2014 are in. The first time the group will meet will be a workshop in August.

StuCo sponsor Dianne Kauth said it is too early to tell what the organiza­tion will be like next year. She noted that there are many females among next year’s officers. Here’s a rundown of those elected to represent the student body and individual classes at IHS.

Student Body: President Adam Kauth, Vice President Quentin Morri­son, Secretary Emma Piazza and Trea­surer Fryendz Wallace.

Senior Class: President Mackenzie Weseloh, Vice President Hannah Endi­cott, Secretary Katie Kelley, Treasurer Halie Cleaver and representatives Chay Hutton and Karlie Lower.

Junior Class: President Tyler Hol­loway, Vice President Jonathan Tidd, Secretary Lexie Long, Treasurer Travis Hermstein and representatives Addie Haar and Madison Luken.

Sophomore Class: President Clara Wicoff, Vice President Cassie Delich, Secretary Caitlin Dreher, Treasurer Tay­lor Heslop and representatives Olivia Bannister and Taelyn Sutterby.

Freshman Class: President Kend­all Jay, Vice President Alexis Heslop, Secretary Alex Smith, Treasurer Perse­phone Burleson and rpresentatives Ca­leb Spencer and Brock VerHoeven.