Vocalists Snagging Honors

Four who make all-state choir among musicians attending district clinic

The all-state choir has gained four students from IHS this year, each of them qualifying in the top seven of their section at the Southeast Kansas Honors district clinic Dec. 7.

Emma Piazza, Garrett Prall, Katie Terhune and Abigail Taylor made the cut. “I was in Walmart when I got the text [saying I made it in], and I had to refrain from screaming, I was so excited,” Terhune said. “I’ve heard people saying that this year’s choir has been the best we’ve had in a really long time.”

Choir director Greta Adams said she expects that IHS will be adding band and orchestra names to the state roster by January.

“Those students audition the second weekend (of the new year),” she said. “But Iola had a great showing in vocal. It was a competitive day, and I am very proud of them.”

Seventeen other IHS students went to the Southeast Kansas Honors district clinic: Felicitas Aguirre, Olivia Bannister, Justice Boll, Isaiah Fawson, Bobbi Sinclair, Brock Ver Hoeven, Austin Roloff-Tremain, Persephone Burleson, Clarie Moran, Rebecca Cunningham, Shannon Vogel, Lyssa Brooks, Emily Klubek, Bryan Gentry, Tori Smith, Michael Wilson and Jonathan Tidd.