Homecoming arrives early

Bowlus 50th celebration leads to date change

Iola High School is certainly not a stranger to having some difficulties with homecoming. This year, fall homecoming is occurring at a much earlier time than usual; the first home game to be exact. The week’s festivities leading up to the big game had to be moved up two weeks, due the Bowlus Fine Arts Center’s 50th Anniversary.


The game was originally was supposed to occur on September 26th, but the Kansas City Symphony will be performing at the BFAC that night. The sold out show is going to bring over 700 people into the auditorium. But a majority of those symphony-goers would originally have planned to go to the homecoming game.


This schedule change has put quite the damper on the student council, who have been almost rushing to make sure everything is all planned out for the big game and dance.


“Looking at the big picture of things, it’s a lot of work and a lot of stress,” said Stuco advisor Mrs. Kauth. “It’s hard for the people who are in things like band and football and everyone else to do something like this so quickly. However, when you know early enough to get things planned, it will be okay. But it’s definitely not something you want to do every year like this.”


The football game is taking place on Sep. 12th at the stadium. The crowning ceremony will begin at 6:15 and the game against the Prairie View Buffalos will begin at 7. The “Footloose” dance will be on the following Saturday with pictures beginning at 7:30 and the dance running from 8:00-11:00. A $5 movie at Sterling Six Cinema will be provided for anyone who attends the dance. Dance tickets are $5 and t-shirts are $10.