Students: School lunches are improvement

Missouri-based company OPAA! gets some favorable ratings


It’s safe to say that nearly any student would agree that lunchtime is their favorite time of day. With the addition of a private company catering the food though, that minority has grown even slimmer.

“Lunches are great this year,” student Braden Plumlee said through a mouthful of grapes, “a lot better than last year.”

A private company called OPAA! has recently been employed to cater the food for the district. OPAA! is based out of Missouri and is contracted to 100+ districts.

OPAA! provides its service by using local ingredients and making food from scratch, as opposed to delivering a prepackaged product like many federal services do. This cost cutting means of providing food allows for a higher-quality end result.

The lunchroom has gotten a face-lift as well. The maze of freezers and warmers and machines has been removed and replaced with open space. Students file in and form the line along the west side of the room from the north end towards the south. The line then splits based on the students’ preferences for lunch.

The line meets up at a fresh fruit and vegetable bar, and end at a table where students “check out” with a number that identifies to them. “It just works better,” student Karlie McGuffin said. “The fruit choices and options are great.”

Overall, it seems that a fresh company has brought a fresh take to lunchtime.