Not-so-Dead Week

Though dead week is without interscholastic sports practices, students are kept busy with the STUCO dodgeball tournament.


Addison Haar shows determination as she throws the ball.

By Andrew Waldman

For some students at Iola High School, dead week means only one thing; the Student Council Dodgeball Tournament.

The Tournament is used as a fundraiser for StuCo and is a great way to spend the week after fall sports end and before conditioning for basketball begins. Mrs. Kauth, supervisor for the Student Council, said, “I love it. It’s exciting…and everyone loves it”. The tournament has raised about $300 after expenses and the money will be used for winter homecoming during basketball season.

Chase Regeher was just one of the 85 participants in the tournament. In his second year of play, he reunited with his team from last year, The Janitors. When asked how he thinks he will do in bracket play, Regeher thought that “we’ll do alright. We just got to be tough and get past those first two rounds to get into the championship game…”. Regeher said he was not doing much to prepare for the match with his team. He said, “We just need to get our heads focused and come out ready to play.”

Although Regeher and the rest of The Janitors didn’t take the championship, three teams did. In the girl’s division, the Cuban Raft Riders, a team composed of sophomores Sydney Wade, Jadyn Sigg, Alexis Heslop, Riley Murry, and substitutes Della Lohman, and junior Ashley Shields. Toni Macha and Brooklyn Storrer were the original members but were unable to participate due to health issues.

In the co-ed division, the Fault In Our Dodgeballs took the win. The team of sophomores Joey Zimmerman, Sydney and Garrett Wade, Riley Murry, Ben Cooper, and substitute Jadyn Sigg, filling in for Toni Macha, won in the third game of a two-out-of-three match.

The winning team of the boy’s division was the senior team, Grab 1 ‘N Go. Shane Walden, Alex Bauer, Kaden Macha, Terrell Smith, Matt Jacobs, and Adam Peterson beat out the nine other teams in their division. After the match, Peterson said “The elation you feel when all of your hard work is rewarded is awe-inspiring…We were excited to win the championship.”

All 21 teams that participated played hard and enjoyed every minute of it. Dodgeball is something that everyone can look forward to during the dead weeks between sports seasons. If you think you wouldn’t be a great dodgeball player, just remember, “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.”