Spreading holiday cheer at the Bowlus


By Klair Vogel, Staff Writer

Concert season has come to Iola High School.

The annual winter band concert was last Thursday, and the choir and orchestra concerts were scheduled for Monday, as this edition of The Messenger went to press.

The jazz band displayed its talents in the lobby of the Bowlus Fine Arts Center before the band concert last week.

“ ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’ was my favorite song for jazz band,” junior Bryan Gentry said . “For concert band, ‘Perthshire Majesty’ was my favorite.”

Winter Concert 121114 KVogel (119)

Coming in as a freshman, Madison Carlin and Macayla Bycroft are being exposed to a larger variety of music this year.

“It seemed like the rhythms with eighth-grade notes were harder last year,” Carlin said. “But the chordal structure and syncopation are harder this year.”

Bycroft also likes the challenge. “In high school,” she said, “you start playing more for competition, and so the music is more challenging.”

This won’t be the last of music performance for seniors Jonathan Tidd and Tyler Holloway, who both plan on doing music somehow in college, through either marching, pep, jazz or concert band. “I’ll play at Pitt State in the marching, pep and jazz band,” Holloway said.

The IHS orchestra and the choir were both working to perfect three pieces for the concert this week, and the Singers were planning to perform four songs.