Meet the new kids in school


By Tori Bland and Alyssa White, Staff Writers

New year, new classes, new faces! This school year started off with plenty of fresh faces new to Iola High School. IHS has seen six staff changes from last school year. Among those new faces is Assistant Principal Scott Crenshaw.
“Okay, here’s what the kids need to know,” said new Assistant Principal Scott Crenshaw. “My theory is, I want everyone to feel comfortable. However, I’m very fair, but I’m not very lenient. If you do the crime, you’ll do the time. It will not affect the way I feel about a student,” added Crenshaw. “It’s simply a penalty for a choice. But, I believe in kids. I want them to do their very best. No kid that gets in trouble will be disliked by me. I’m just merely dealing with what they did.”
Mr. Crenshaw previously taught at Baldwin High School as a science teacher. He found out about the position as assistant principal from Joe Sample, a previous staff member at IHS, who is now principal at Baldwin Junior High.
“I want to increase student participation. I want to help increase a positive culture and climate,” said Crenshaw. “I have a philosophy that if the kids aren’t here, they can’t learn.”

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Aside from education, Crenshaw is also passionate about anything to do with the outdoors.
“I am a monstrous outdoorsman,” Crenshaw said. “I love to do anything outdoors. I love to cook, barbeque, fish, and hunt. I love being outside. And I suppose I love my wife but not like hunting and fishing,” Crenshaw added. “It’s a different kind of love. Not better or worse. Just different.”
Switching schools hasn’t been too hard on Crenshaw, either.
“I love this staff,” Crenshaw said. “I have felt welcomed and I am able to laugh with everyone. But, everyone does their job. I’m really impressed with this staff.”


Anne Strobel is a fresh face here at Iola High School. She likes helping high school level students, and it is a shorter drive from home. Previously, Strobel was a campus minister, a therapist, and an elementary counselor. She finally decided to settle here at Iola. She left campus ministering and therapy because she prefers working with students rather than with adults.
“Adults are set in their ways. If I can help teenagers before they become adults, maybe they won’t turn out so bad,” Strobel added, providing more reason to her preference. “I remember being a teenager, and needing help and support from an adult.”

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For the time Strobel has worked here, she has enjoyed both the people she works with and the environment. She also enjoys being able to get out and interact with the students, not only as their counselor but as a friend.
Strobel has a few plans for after she retires, which she commented will not be for a long time. She would like to stay as a volunteer and travel with her husband.