School, Work, and Stress

Tori Danford, Staff Writer

School is hard enough by itself, but now students are getting to that point in their lives where they have to deal with a job. Most students don’t like that word, but it’s not as bad as it seems. Not all jobs are horrible and some can even be enjoyable.

Junior Sierra Cunningham works at A&W. She likes her job because they are flexible and work around her schedule. “Work makes me feel proud. It is a cool opportunity and money is good on the side,” said Cunningham. She is cross trained and can do anything in Drive-Thru, front, drinks, or food. Money is the key word for her. She feels good helping her mom pay bills, such as the phone bill. She has worked there for almost two years. She gets an impressive amount of hours, usually between twenty to thirty-five hours a week. Cunningham also babysits and drives to to Topeka on the weekends. She goes to Topeka to be with her other family and her boyfriend. Cunningham’s college classes do take up most of her time.

Senior Olivia Bannister used to work a Bolling’s Meat Market while also participating in extracurricular activities such as forensics, singers, dance and band. It was too overwhelming for her. The one thing she did not like about her job was they were understaffed. “I only worked twenty hours [once the school year started], but during the summer that was a different story,” said Bannister. It was too difficult for Bannister to do all her activities and work, she had to quit her job to focus on her other activities and school.

Bannister had to work on time managing when she was working. She was stressed out with her school activities. Bannister had to ask off ahead of schedule for the days off that she needed. She wanted money to buy stuff for herself stuff so her parents did not need to buy it for her. “Ashlie Shields referred me so I got [the job] really quick,” said Bannister.

Senior Andrew Garber works at Subway. He also participates in wrestling. Balancing his activities do not stress him out and he prefers to take them head on. Work and school makes him tired. He works from six to eight or nine most nights. After work, he goes home and goes to bed. “I like my work and I am very used to it,” said Garber.

If you are struggling with work and school, you are not the only one. Just keep going and keep your head up.