Water: it’s not as bad as it seems

Dyllan Jones, Staff Writer

Our bodies beckon for a select few substances more than anything else. When it comes down to liquid sustenance, we’ve all got to make that same near-impossible choice: do we want to drink a can of sugar, which in excess has health benefits to the nil-th degree, or do we want a long swig of the essence which makes up over half of our body?

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not trying to convince you to not drink soft drinks — I’ll leave that to high-and-mighty health gurus and patronizing children’s TV shows — but your body would sure appreciate if you shot for at least the bare minimum.

Decisions, decisions. They’re hardest to make when the decider is tripped out of their minds on an addictive stimulant.

Well, that may be a huge exaggeration, but it’s not any further from the truth than saying that energy drinks are an acceptable substitute to a good night’s relaxation, a moment of recuperation, and sufficient refreshment.  After all, splashing water on your face is an instantly gratifying experience.

Drinking a couple cups of coffee may sustain your awakened state more effectively, but it’s not going to last forever. Have you ever had a crash from drinking water?

I’ve seen it time after time: a student is thirsty and water surrounds them at all angles. Heck, if it wasn’t contained it would be drowning them.

Still, they reach for the soft drink in their backpack. I’m certainly not the kind of person to approach people and tell them to stop doing what they’re doing, because that would make me a hypocrite. There is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself for a night well slept (or not), but that doesn’t mean that soft drinks should replace water as your number-one beverage priority.

There are valid reasons that people don’t reach for water first when they’re given the chance; admittedly, to people who have been weaned toward tastier options, water is harder to choose. Some see it as bland and flavorless, and some even think it’s flat-out disgusting. There are ways to make it taste better, though, like flavoring it or simply getting used to it.

Beyond all of the above, do you really want a caffeine addiction? It’s better to indulge yourself as a reward than as part of a routine. I’d be a liar if I said I haven’t had my share of unhealthy drinks, but my intention was never to stop people from drinking them.

All I ask is that you fill a bottle with water and drink it periodically for a few hours, at the very least. Not only is it refreshing — it may just save your life.