Junior high versus high school: the difference is easier than you think


Klair Vogel

Photo by Klair Vogel

Kaya Adair, Staff Writer

We all start high school differently, but in the long run, most people find that it’s not so bad. High school can be hard and the work isn’t always exciting, but we get to learn things we didn’t know. Avriel Witchley, one of this year’s freshmen, spoke about how the transitions from the middle school to high school can be educational and fun.

Not only do students have to go from top dog to lower class, but at this school, we have the science building, the woodshop, and the high school for classes, four if you include the Bowlus Fine Arts Center, seminar instead of TA, and other schedule differences. If you think about it, there’s still not much of a difference between the two schools: we all know each other, we have to figure out where our classes are, and we get to make new friends along the way.

Students may not enjoy getting up early and getting ready, but they get a day off each month except November and December due to the holiday breaks. Having a day off can benefit students in many different ways, according to Witchley, “It actually gives me more time to hang out with my family and friends and if we have work that is due Monday instead of having to work on it in school while switching classes daily, you can work on it longer and turn it in on Monday.”

“It’s like starting sixth grade again, where you are just figuring out what you are doing, and you are realizing that you are in a bigger school, and you are not sure what you are supposed to do in your school,” commented Witchley, “you also have to figure out where your teachers are, and you have to remember their names. In eighth grade, you feel like you’re everything and that is because you are in the top class which means everything, but when you start freshman year you are scared, so it feels like the sixth-grade year.”  

However, freshman year can be educational and thrilling, it’s the start of considering what students want to do in life. So, go out there and have a good time!