Book review: Red Queen

Trevelle Means, Staff Writer

If you love fantasy novels, then I have the book for you. It is called the Red Queen. It is one out of three books in the series, followed by Glass Sword and King’s Cage. The main character is a 17 year-old girl named Mare Barrow. This book takes place in the kingdom of Norta, which is ruled by the King of Fire, Tiberias the Sixth. The thing that sets Mare and her community apart from the royalty is that their blood is red, and the royal’s blood is silver. The Silver-bloods have a special power that defines them. Red-bloods are poor and are servants for the Silvers. During Queen’s Trial, which is a day where the prince has a bunch of princesses come from across the world to show off to see who the prince will choose to be his bride, Mare was working as a royal servant when she tripped into the lightning shield guarding the prince. An average Red would have been electrocuted to death, but Mare came off with nothing but a scratch. The royals were shocked to find that Mare was a Red with a Silver power: the power of lightning.

I recommend this book because it is action-packed and full of cliffhangers that make you want to read more. Red Queen will make you want to keep reading to find out what happens next, and it will not bore you at any point. It is full of excitement and adventure. If you like any of those things, then this is the book for you. I am recommending this book to you because it was recommended to me. This kind of book isn’t the type that I would read on a daily basis, but with this book, I felt like I was being introduced to something different than I was used to. Even if you don’t like fantasy novels, this book will ease you into the genre.