No worry over stand off


The threats North Korea has hurled upon the United States and South Korea in the past few weeks have caused people to panic about a nucle­ar holocaust. However, it’s unlikely there’s any real danger here.

Throughout history, we have had many threats lobbed at us. The aggressors often attempt to take away our freedoms or our unity as a nation. North Korea’s recent actions are no joking matter, although many believe that the nation won’t capital­ize on its threats. It has been report­ed, though, that North Korea does have nuclear weapons small enough to be carried by a ballistic missile.

This doesn’t necessarily help them make their case and appear more of a threat, however, considering that the missiles are not dependable nor capable of reaching the distances that they are claiming. President Obama stated that he will shoot down any missiles that are targeted at either the U.S. or any of its allies.

This is not the United State’s first war where nuclear annihilation has been threatened. The Cold War was such a case where it was a nuclear arms race, which led to the thought of mutual assured destruction, or “MAD” for short. Mutual assured destruction is still in play today, and if North Korea were to attempt to fire nuclear arms at the U.S. or its allies, they would not only have a nuclear war with the country but also every surrounding ally country able to produce such weapons.

Although the threat against our country and our people is real, I do not feel that we will allow this to overcome us. We have experienced things that any other country has not, and we have rebounded in far greater strides than before. We’re one of the greatest, if not the great­est, country on planet Earth. We persevere. This is why I do not think that North Korea is a threat to our nation.