Minimum Wage is Necessary

Editorial Cartoon MAR APRMinimum wage is a necessity, even if having it raised is not a wise decision. This may send jobs overseas and damage the American economy. But why is this law in effect in the first place? People need their fair cut so human greed will not hurt workers at the expense of helping company CEOs.

Wages should be guaranteed to a person for the work he or she has done. Back in the age of industrialism, there was no minimum wage, which created huge divides between the rich and poor. All minimum-wage law aims to do is ensure that the hard work of Americans does not go to waste.
The purpose of a company is to make money. Sometimes that requires cutting jobs to stay afloat, as evidenced by the recent economy crisis. Minimum-wage laws, however, prevent an atmosphere of “survival of the fittest.” If companies no longer needed to pay workers at least $7.25 an hour, people who work hard day in and day out for all their lives in order to survive and feed their families would have little.
The law should ensure that workers get a fair, living wage. Companies that don’t care enough about their employees to pay them a fair wage are likely just caring only about profits.
The minimum wage should rise along with the cost of living in America. To put it simply, people cannot live off of $7.25 anymore. Even a single individual finds it tough to live off this wage, let alone someone trying to support an entire family. The government must ensure that its citizens are taken care of and realize that people living in poverty are in need.
Americans must also do their part to be fiscally responsible, of course. Many things we “need” are not actually necessary for survival. Who needs the newest iPhone if their current phone still works just fine? Many Americans can cut discretionary spending and find ways to save instead of spend. Of course, not all Americans have that luxury. Many families struggle to just get by.
The minimum-wage requirement is here to help people. Could you survive off 30 cents a day without this in place? Without a minimum wage, some companies would choose to pay little, as they do in other countries, extorting individuals for financial gain.

In the end, paying higher wages in America might send some jobs overseas, but support for workers and families here is crucial. Minimum-wage laws and cost-of-living increases are necessary to help people get by. All Americans should be paid fairly for their work.