Did We All Forget What Holidays Are Really About?

It’s winter. The war between you, your rake, and those is annoying leaves is done and over with. You already knew that, though, because according to all those television ads you have seen since mid-October, is has been time to stock up on gifts, gifts and more gifts.

Christmas decorations have been up since before you carved that turkey, or in extreme cases, since all the kids came knocking on your door for candy.

Nowadays it seems that all the companies everywhere are clamoring to get the word out about how great their sales are this year, and what and how much you should buy for the holidays, even when the holidays were still a whole two or three months away.

Now don’t get me wrong, I can understand why somebody would want to put out the decorations out before it gets really cold, but it really isn’t that cold every single day in November, and even a few days in December can be fairly warm. I also doubt that people put decorations early out for the sole purpose of keeping out of the cold.

Personally, I believe that all companies put holiday decorations up at the same time as they launch all those sales because they want to try and get us to buy all we can. Big-name businesses seem to blow the whole holiday thing out of proportion, making the holiday revolve around expensive presents.

I can agree that being able to get that new cell phone half-off is pretty nice, but it seems to me that businesses have taken advantage of our love of the holidays and our need for more and more material possessions. Maybe instead of having all those sales at once and feeding a Black Friday frenzy, sales could be offered as more of a nice all-year-’round surprise.

Perhaps this year instead of buying more things on “sale,” you could just celebrate the holidays with family. I certainly wouldn’t go as far as boycotting Walmart or other major retailers, but maybe we could show big-box businesses that we don’t need all those fancy, expensive presents -— all we really need is our family and each other.