Better safe than sorry


After the recent installation and use of the school’s new security system, our initial class-wide response was to groan obnoxiously. The whole thing does sound like it is more of a hassle than anything else. But we do not take the time to appreciate the increase in safety it provides.
The security system provides us with safety in the event that a person feels they have been wronged by the system and decide to lash out and get revenge.
However, we would rather have some form of protection to protect us from such an unlikely and unfortunate event as this than not at all. In simpler, cruder terms, we’d rather be safe than sorry.
Some people may feel as though we don’t need such extensive protection due to the size of our town and the residents. Iola has only about 5,500 citizens, and only about 350 students at IHS. Being in such a small area, we already feel a sense of comfort being acquaintances with a majority of people in our school and community.
We shouldn’t take the risk though, and since we now have a security system the school shouldn’t have to end up buying another one again later when some government mandate requires a system in every school.
The new installation causes a few inconveniences, but the benefits far outweigh these minor setbacks.