Working Hard or Hardly Working

It’s Friday. It’s been a long week, and a long three blocks. Now it’s seminar. A time to get everything done so you can relax over the weekend.
You work for about 15 minutes, and get everything done. You decide to read for the remainder of the block, since you’re all caught up. The bell rings after a short reprieve, and it’s time for fourth block.
You wander into English and sit through the lesson. You think you might just get off scott-free, but at the end of class, you get an assignment that will probably take an hour. You work frantically, but the bell rings and you only have a couple questions done.
And so begins the weekend homework grind.
This is why we should move seminar to the end of the day. It would give more opportunity to get things done during the day instead of at home, and to keep students focused during the day, instead of breaking up the class schedule.
In addition to this, if seminar had been at the end of the day, the english assignment in question would at least be mostly done.
It would also give students a break at the end of the day if they have all their assignments done.
If seminar were moved to the end of the day, I believe it would make things more productive and more relaxing for students.