Whether the Kansas weather be fair …

As residents of Kansas, it’s practically required of us to expect the unexpected regarding the weather and its treacherous unpredictably.
One day, you may be wearing shorts, and the next day you need to crank up the heater in your car to full blast. In the center of the good ol’ U.S. of A., you can experience all types of weather year-round, especially in the spring season.
Logging on to social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, it is exceedingly common to see people complaining about the weather and it being seemingly unpredictable. For example, the temperature could be well in the upper 50s and then the next day below freezing, with a chance of precipitation thrown in. (How many of us sighed when we saw those big snowflakes flying after spring break?)
These weather conditions can really put a damper on original plans, and spring sports are always the main target. Yes, there are many ways we can predict the weather, such as television, or even websites, but the forecasts are not 100 percent accurate. That is one of the reasons it can be tough scheduling spring sporting events and constant rescheduling can leave athletes with broken hearts or frustrations.
There is not a lot we can do to try and “fix” our weather problems, so we’re stuck having to roll with nature’s punches.