Let’s ‘open’ lunch again

“I wish we could drive to the Bowlus for class.” “I wish we were able to have better lunches.”

Face it. You can’t say that you haven’t heard these comments at least once from anyone in the IHS student body. The buzz around school every once in a while centers on a desire to have the freedom to travel off-campus.

School administrators say that students are not allowed to drive to the Bowlus Fine Arts Center for class because students could ditch, or goof around and be late. However, at the heart of the issue is safety, they say. Essentially, these are the same reasons that IHS students do not have an open lunch.

While we are at school, the school is responsible for our safety and well being. Naturally, some rules, even though they make sense, leave some students feeling like their freedoms are a little limited. Students might argue that they are responsible enough to take care of themselves. But honestly, we all know not all of us are.

We could find some middle ground on the issue.

One possible solution to the open-lunch and Bowlus question is quite simple:

Why couldn’t the school offer a written agreement to be signed by the parent and student at the beginning of the year that could put responsibility and liability on them for anything that happens off campus? It could include any disciplinary issues and wouldn’t hold the school accountable for allowing the student to leave.

Also tied to more freedoms could be responsibility-centered guidelines. For instance, if a student were tardy or truant a certain amount of times, they would not be allowed to leave for the rest of the semester.

Such a simple compromise could provide a happy ending to an endless debate. In the end, it addresses both the administration’s and students’ concerns. Perhaps the Student Council could take on this issue.