Does texting make us illiterate?

Alyssa White, Staff Writer

Most teenagers nowadays own one or more cell phones, have one or more social networking accounts, and have countless electronics that can connect to the Internet. As teens, we use many methods of communicating through text; full words, abbreviations, hashtags, and even emojis. Not many years ago, the now famous “hashtag” was called the pound sign. Emojis were called emoticons, and only existed in happy and sad faces made of a parenthesis and a colon. 🙂
People might be overusing the hashtag. For example, it is inappropriately used for things like, #MyDogDied or #CryingInRealLife. Most things people use the hashtag for are things that people don’t want or need to know. Hashtags are a mostly unnecessary way to express things, because it takes away from the entire thought.
We “ship” couples and we have “One True Pairs” (OTPs), but what for? What is “WCW” or “MMM”? I tend to ask myself why people came up with these terms. They are poisoning our minds as we trench through our teenage years into adulthood. We need to know how to make a full, properly worded sentence to get through college. Why not start now?
Why must we use such terms? Most teens would answer this, not as a question, but as something they boldly express their opinion on. They’ll say things like, “Why shouldn’t we?” or “What’s so wrong with a little abbreviation?”
I agree with a little abbreviation, but using numbers instead of letters and being disproportionately incorrect is where society needs to draw the line. We write things such as, “Ill b thre 2 pik u up 2day.”
Abbreviating and completely destroying the English language are two completely different things. If you absolutely cannot use full words that people understand, maybe try a phone call instead. Although I sometimes understand the need to abbreviate a few words, abbreviating already short words is pretty unnecessary. I think people just get too lazy to spell words out or use them in sentences correctly.
In today’s society the internet slang has gotten worse, because of the amount of people who are constantly online and are too lazy to type out longer words or words that we can understand.