Older music trumps modern hits

Christopher McCormack, Staff Writer


It’s a no-holds-barred deathmatch between recent music and older music. Which side has the edge?

To get it out of the way from the start, I would define recent music as occurring from the early 2000s onward, while anything predating would be considered older music.

Let’s talk pros of recent popular music. It’s loud and it’s exhilarating. It makes your blood boil. The electric and feisty nature of the music tends to pump up you up and make you more alert. Thumping, hypnotic beats get stuck in your head, with a vibrant melody that makes itself known by lodging itself unconsciously into your mind with its recurrent elements.

On top of the aforementioned, modern music addresses relevant issues and topics of the present day.

So what does old music hold in its favor? The lyrics in most older songs are supreme. Why not substitute loud beats and memorability for meaningful lyrics? Older music primarily utilizes authentic instrumentation, as opposed to electronic instrumentation.

In my opinion, old music wholly dominates newer music. It is superior lyrically, and musically trumps the opposition.

Newer music’s biggest flaunting aspect is its ability to slot itself into your head, but from my perspective catchiness is the least important factor into what makes a song good. It is only a bonus, whereas lyrical and musical prowess cover most of the areas.

To elaborate further, I believe that the most important quality of a composition is its lyricism. It seems that recent music has fallen into a recession of lyrical quality. So as not to be misinterpreted, I’m not saying that all recent music has descended into such traps. However, it’s a noticeable feature of most popular music to flounder in such inability.

In addition to the lyrical quality of a song, I also value genuine instrumentation more so than strong vocals or electronic instrumentation. There’s no denying that strong lead vocals give a good contrast, but playing music over having a sound lead vocalist demonstrates a high level of talent in various fields. It is impressive by comparison.

When it comes down to it, contemporary music falls flat juxtaposed against older music. While still offering its own retreats, newer music pulls out a few victories. Modern music however falls victim to older music’s attractions: great music and sophisticated lyricism.