Red Ribbon Week 2016


Persephone Means

(Left to right) Junior jacob White, freshmen Trevelle Means, Adryan Nading, Rachel Bycroft, and Serandin Prock show their support to be drug-free.

Trevelle Means, Staff Writer

This week, IHS had their annual S.A.D.D. Red Ribbon Week to make everyone aware of the dangers of drugs. There were different activities during the week that were fun and informative at the same time. Also, throughout the week, before school each day, students could sign a banner in the commons to pledge to be drug-free.
Each day of the week, there was a dress-up day. Monday was “Make a Pledge.” The pledge could be something like I pledge to be drug-free. Tuesday was wear anything red. Wednesday was “Put a Cap on Drugs,” which means wear a hat. Thursday was “IHS is too bright for drugs,” which means that the students should wear neon. Friday was to be on a “Drug-free team,” which means to wear your favorite team shirt.
All in all, the goal is to help make teenagers drug free and to live healthy lives. “I think the main reason for red ribbon week is to show everyone in our school that it’s cool to be drug and alcohol-free. Plus, by all of us wearing the red ribbons and signing the banner, it shows you’re not alone in your decision to be drug/alcohol-free,” said Macayla Bycroft, President of Students Against Destructive Decisions.