Band hits a major chord


Trevelle Means

Senior Braden Plumlee and sophomores Kassy Shelby, and Katie Weide play during jazz band.

Allie Utley, Staff Writer

As success becomes more and more common for the Iola Bands program, the pieces have become more difficult to learn, say band members sophomore, Katie Weide, and freshman, Shane Winner. When the Iola High School concert band had their winter concert last Thursday, December 1, they set out for a spectacular performance.

Allie Utley
Band director Matt Kleopfer introduces each act to the audience.

“‘Foggy Day in London Town’ and ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’ were my favorites. They have a different style behind them. There’s a good mixture with loud and slow melody. You have to be able to keep your tempo and know the right intentions and if you do it wrong then the vocalists might have a hard time… It’s a lot more difficult than it seems,” bass clarinet and tenor saxophonist Weide says. The performance was just over an hour long, and has been deemed a success by the performers and spectators.  

“The pieces [in concert band] are very technical and I get the technical side of  things. It’s not just loud and in your face noise. It’s more fun to play, being a woodwind and all,” Weide also commented. The concert band, made up of over fifty members, has been practicing for their performance since the early November.

“There was one measure in March Grandioso where the trombones were really supposed to come out and be loud, and it wasn’t working for us for a long time. But I think it went pretty well during the concert,” trombonist Winner says.

Trevelle Means
Sophomore Jennifer Tidd and freshman Annika Hobbs stand as they prepare for their concert band performance.

“The greatest part about being in concert band is all the competitions we are doing. We have competitions already in line. We’re going to our normal state competition in May and we’re going to a competition in Tulsa, Oklahoma, sometime around April or May,” Weide says. The remainder of the school year of Iola Bands also includes the upcoming basketball season with the Mustang Sound performing during the Iola High School games, as well as performing at Allen Community College basketball games, and district jazz and concert band in January.

“I bet we get harder pieces in the future. I’m looking forward to it. We’re already doing it now and it sounds great,” Winner concluded.

Trevelle Means
Freshman Katyon Godfrey focuses on her horn music during one of three songs the concert band performed.